Ferodo Brake Pads

Ferodo DS Performance 

 are designed for the driver who demands the ultimate in braking performance on the stret. They provide the kind of braking power normally associated with racing cars - all without the need to build up and maintain high operating temperatures. Ferodo DS Performance pads give low and high speed braking efficiency, reduced stopping distances and consistent brake pedal feel from cold, DS Performance are the driver's choice for safe, high performance braking and are formulated to minimize disc wear without losing the friction like characteristics associated with Ferodo products. Street use

  • Friction level of approximately 0.45..
  • Good pedal feel
  • Consistent pedal feel
  • Reduced stopping distance


DDSS2500 (H)

is amongst the foremost high performance street or track day pads in the business and one of the most popular we sell. It is also suitable for some light duty front and many rear pure race applications.

It also offers excellent refinement for such a high performance pad.

  • Consistent (medium) coefficient of friction up to all but the highest temperatures .42
  • Low noise / low dusting
  • Long pad life
  • Kind on discs
  • Race pedal feel
  • Very low in compressibility ensuring a firm pedal

DS3000 (R)

 is the Ferodo compound that has set the braking standard for race use. In addition to its reduced bedding in time (approximately 50 percent quicker than other materials), the main characteristics of the DS3000 are: Not for street use
  • High coefficient of friction at all speeds and temperatures
  • High initial bite
  • Predictability and control because of the unvarying torque output
  • Low off-brake drag 


is the new heavy duty racing material from Ferodo Racing. DSUNO are a high friction output brake pad, whilst improving pad and disc life .The risk of wheel lock is significantly reduced compared to other pads with the same high nominal friction coefficient, without any loss of output. This is the ultimate good feel pad. Not for street use
  • Medium/high coefficient of friction at all speeds and temperatures
  • Excellent modulation
  • Long pad life
  • Excellent disc life and condition
  • Medium initial bite
  • Consistent performance with a firm pedal feel

Other Ferodo race materials available are 4007 , DS3000E , DS3000R , DS1.11 and DS 2.1.