Hawk Performance

Street Performance

Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads — Quiet, Clean, Safe and Fast Stopping.

Are you sick and tired of brake dust? Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads do not compromise performance and offer a solution to many consumers' number one complaint: DUST! Performance Ceramic Brake Pads also feature a fade resistant, linear friction profile that allows your ABS brake system to work more effectively. These pads are available for many applications including HSV and FPV vehicles fitted with Brembo and AP Racing calipers.

Key Features & Benefits of Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads

  • Ultra-low dust
  • Improved braking over O.E.
  • Stable friction output
  • Extremely quiet
  • Extended pad life
  • Increased rotor life

Track Performance

HT 10 Compound

Blue 9012 Compound

DTC-60 Compund


Temp  Range: 300-1,300 degrees FahrenheitTemp  Range: 250-1,000 degrees FahrenheitTemp  Range: 400-1,600 degrees FahrenheitTemp  Range: 400-1,600 degrees Fahrenheit
Torque: Intermediate to highTorque: Medium to highTorque: HighTorque: Extremely High
Recommended Use: Road racing or pavement circle track use that requires more torque than Blue 9012.Recommended Use: Hawk's most popular Motorsport Compound offers excellent modulation and braking power for a wide variety of applications. Strong initial bite combines with exceptional pedal feel to give drivers confidence during road racing and stage rally events. Also popular with experienced lapping day and driver school participants.Recommended Use:  This is Hawk's latest formulation for excellent torque control and modulation for wheel-to-wheel competition. DTC-60 can be combined with the DTC-70 when less torque is desired on the rear axle. Road race and asphalt circle track cars.Recommended Use: A higher torque version of the DTC-60, this compound is designed for vehicles with high top speeds that require repeated high deceleration rates. Can be used on the front or rear axle or combined with the DTC-60 if split friction between the front and rear axles is desired. Road race and asphalt circle track cars.


Special NoteDue to the aggressive nature of the Hawk Performance Motorsports Compound pads, they are not recommended for street use.

Hawk brake pads also available to order are HPS, HP Plus, Black and Hawk Performance LTS Brake Pads for SUV’s.