Winmax Brake Pads



  • Simply remarkable in terms of performance, fade resistance and wear rates.
  • New to Australia, but with an exceptional pedigree.
  • Great pricing representing new levels of value for money.
  • A huge range with almost every pad shape ever produced.
  • Used by top motorsport teams in road racing, rally racing, gymkhana, autocross, and time trials
  • Winmax brake pads have been rigorously tested in competitive racing environments throughout the world
  • From W1 to WE1 we have you covered and then we have the Circo range for next level racing

WinmaX W1
Effective compound for performance street use with minimal noise and brake dust.

Average: 0.29 ~ 0.32

Temperature: Normal Temp ~ 450°C

Material: Non Steel

WinmaX W5
Compound for large circuit racing targeted for increased brake control and effectiveness.

Average: 0.40 ~ 0.43

Temperature: 100°C ~ 750°C

WinmaX W2  
Improved initial response for sport driving with longer pad and rotor life.

Average: 0.32 ~ 0.35

Temperature: Normal Temp 0 ~ 500°C

WinmaX W6.5 
High friction and temperature tolerant pads
balanced for efficiency and Mu.

Average: 0.47 ~ 0.50

Temperature: 50°C ~ 800°C

WinmaX W3
Blended for sport driving or circuit racing, the W3 is the
most versatile brake pad available. Great for heavy performance street cars

Average: 0.34 ~ 0.37

Temperature: Normal Temp ~ 0 / 600°C

WinmaX W7
Full race brake pads for pro circuit and rally racing
with maximum stopping force.

Average: ?0.48 ~ 0.53

Temperature: 100°C ~ 850°C

Winmax also includes the range of W4, W6 and Endurance WE1 brake pads.

Circo by Winmax also available


Circo M155

Typical applications

  • Friction 0.37 – 0.42
  • Temp Range 200 – 850 deg C
  • Carbon Metallic

– Competition, High level motorsport

– Full competition only brake pads, Heavy
   Powerful vehicles

– Endurance racing brake pads


Circo M207
Typical applications:

  • Friction 0.42 – 0.56
  • Temp Range 220 – 950 deg C
  • Carbon Metallic

 – High Friction Racing brake pads, Circuit racing

– Heavy, fast cars

- Very High Torque excellent modulation and feel

– Professional level motorsport

Circo M119
Typical applications:

  • Friction 0.48 – 0.51
  • Temp Range 50 – 800 deg C
  • Carbon Metallic

- Rally Brake Pads

- Tarmac or Gravel cars

- Under-braked small to medium circuit cars

- Very High, consistent torque throughout the 


 Circo M127
Typical applications:

  • Friction 0.45 – 0.55
  • Temp Range 150 – 850 deg C
  • Carbon Metallic

– Circuit Racing and Sprint racing

– Fast cars

- Competition Motorsport

- Excellent modulation and feel